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Moldy-Volvo? Muscovado.

Muskavado-01What the heck is Muscovado?!

Muscovado, simply is an unrefined brown sugar containing a higher molasses and flavor content, and for what it’s worth, though it is still sugar, it does indeed retain the majority of its natural minerals.

So, what do you do with it?

First and foremost, along with our coffee quality, among those that prefer flavored lattes, we became known for the Muscovado latte. We took the Muscovado and turned it into a simple syrup and used it to flavor our beverages. The result? a mellow toffee, nearly caramel-y flavor that plays more of a support to the coffee flavor rather than a detraction.

We also utilize the Muscovado in the brewing of our chai to give it a nice round sweetness.

Now you know!