Our Coffee

We try to know as much about our coffee as possible, striving to meet each and every farmer. When we haven’t been able to personally shake the hands of our farmers, we trust our friends who spend the majority of their lives abroad at origin, exporting only the best back to the US.  Our coffee is always ethically and sustainably sourced, which is why we are happy to pay our partners at origin more for their coffee, often more than three times the market price, and over double the price paid by third party certifiers.

  Our focus is of Coffee as Culinary from crop to cup.
Soil, smoke, and steam.

Through careful sourcing, Compass acquires unroasted coffee from the top 0.1% of the coffee market. It is carefully, intently roasted 6lbs (or less) at a time. Small batches make it easier to control quality and freshness. We usually roast 5 days a week.

When the coffee reaches our shop, it is in the hands of intensely and thoroughly trained baristas, who are excited and proud of what we are able to accomplish.

Our Team

Mike McGinness

Owner/Roast Master/Head Bean

Bryan Wray

Owner/Coffeehouse Operations

Curtis Gaiani

Global Adventurer

Kayli Becker

Retail Store Manager

Justin Tjersland


Malia Berland


David Sorrell


Chelsea Harshaw


Aubrey Ball


Drea Deardorff


Sam Morris


Patricia Wray

Barista Assistant

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