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Let’s talk about Chai!


David here! I’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit about our chai!

In culinary school, I learned how to make chai from Nepali Chef, Bikram.

Post culinary school I worked in other shops and saw many variations on Chai, some flooded with chemicals and sweets, others simply lacking.

Now, in the end everything comes down to a matter of preference, but when I arrived at Compass in 2011, I was thrilled to learn of their care when it came to chai.

Here’s the scoop! We source each spice individually, finding the most flavor packed, quality spices and black tea, then we brew up a concentrate with a bit of honey along with our muscavado brown sugar to reach the right sweetness and serve it up with milk (or your choice of milk alternative) either hot or iced!

This mix of tea, spices and brewing method I had learned before… Thats right, I found this chai to be legit! Quite similar to what I learned from Bikram.

So there’s more than one?! YUP! 3 in fact.

What i just laid out would be the “Original“.

For a bit of a kick, we mix half of our chai mixture with Townshend’s Circulatory tea for what we call our “Spicy” chai.

for something a little sweeter with notes of orange citrus, we mix our chai spice mix with Townshend’s Market Spice Tea in what we call our “Sweet” chai.


I hope this gave you a quick insight into our Chai offerings!