Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Koke Washed

(Region) Yirga Cheffe, Gideo Woreda, Koke Mill, Multiple Small Farmers
(Altitude) 1700-2300 Meters
(Cultivar) Ethiopia Heirloom Varietals
(Processing Method) Wet Processed
(Arrival) December 2014
(Roast) 418f

Flavors of Palm Sugar, Floral (Lavender-Hibiscus), Key Lime Lemon Meringue, Mango

Washed Ethiopia coffees produce a cleaner more refined cup compared to traditional Ethiopia Dry processing,  an excellent washed Yirgacheffe cup with decent creamy body.

Hario V60:
(Dose) 22 grams
(Grind) fine table salt
(Water) 205 degrees Fahrenheit, 350 grams
(Bloom) 35 grams, 20 seconds
(Pour Time) slow and steady with a finishing time of 2 minutes, 45 seconds, including bloom

Espresso (dialed so far):
18g in ~30g out
45sec profiled Vesuvius shot: 10sec 2bar, 5s7b, 5s12b, 10s9b, 5s8b, 5s7b, 5s5b (max pump acceleration 400)
or 2nd best
35sec profiled Cyncra shot: 10sec line, 20sec 9bar, 5sec line

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