Ethiopia Konga Natural Yirgacheffe

Out of Stock – new crop arriving soon!
(Region) Konga Co-Op, YCFCU, Yirgacheffe
(Altitude) 1800-2200 Meters
(Cultivar) Heirloom Ethiopia
(Processing Method) Natural, Sun Dried on Raised Beds
(Roasted) 425f

Not the typical floral-citrus taste profile expected from a washed Yirgacheffe. Not even close! This is an excellent example of how drying the bean with the full cherry intact can impart the flavor of the fruit, leaving you with a mixed-berrylishous, clean and sweet dessert that just happens to have originally grown on a coffee shrub.

Some thoughts from our Head Roaster and Head Bean, Mike:

Fell in love with this coffee beginning with the first sample roasting.

The class of natural coffee that this was purported to be are usually devine to smell every stage of the way including green (unroasted) with the caveat they always come vac’ bricked or Grainpro bags which traps their heavenly fragrance. Disappointingly, the bean samples arrived in cotton bags. Couldn’t smell diddly, but had also been roasting for 4 hours. The beans were ugly, which is often the case with naturals, hence why I don’t eye cup- I taste cup. Fired up the CCR HT to pre-heat. Since the sample was 278 grams I split it into two batches targeting a 425f 14min roast, more a City production roast than defect cupping roast.

As 1st crack commenced, about 400f, I wafted the bit of smoke rising and got strong crisp raspberries with undertones of strawberry. Man that smelled good! Crossing 412f hints of blackberry joined the party and became stronger as approaching the end of roast 425f. Now I’ve been a “dry cupper” (i.e. bean muncher) for going on three decades. Normally I wait until close to room temperature, but I just couldn’t wait this time and munched a few while very warm (read as HOT). OMG they tasted good!  Mixed berries that were ringing sweet, clean and crystal clear. Usually I’ll only munch one or maybe two samples. Ended up munching at least six small handfuls of this delicious stuff, it kept calling me back!  In my defense it was afternoon and after lunch and made a right fine dessert.

This is NOT “just” coffee, not a coffee I would serve someone who walked into one my Coffeehouses and said “I just want a good cup of coffee that tastes like coffee, none of that funny stuff“. This is however a spectacular clean, sweet, berrylishous-dessert-nectar that happened to grow on a coffee shrub. I’ve gone through bags of Idido Misty Valley a few years back, bags of the wonderful Haile Selassi a couple years ago and the end of last year- running into early this year- Tchembe N2 from Ninety+. This is in the same league, no joke. Not your usual cupping write-up but I don’t drink numbers. If I had to this would be a 90 or higher easily.

A few days later the first 9 bags arrived on the pallet. One lone Guat burried on the bottom. Rolled the pallet off the truck into the greens storage room and smelled wisps of fruit leaking through the GrainPro bags. And coming from the Guatemala HueHuetenango Finca Pahlu I could swear I heard the faint cry of “Help me! I’m coffee being crushed by a pile of berries!”  Got the bags squared away, opened the first Konga burlap, cut the zip ties on the GrainPro and wham. Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!  Natural processed greens that explode with fragrance.

If you read all that rambling above I don’t apologize for being verbose, I am that passionate about Coffee as Culinary and sometimes can’t contain myself. This coffee really is that good!

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