Delirium Espresso Blend

(Region) Latin America, Africa, Indonesia
(Altitude) Varies
(Cultivar) Mixed
(Processing Method) Mixed

Roasted to multiple levels: 420f to 444f based on desired flavor profile for the particular element.

A dynamic cup; both deep and pleasantly bright. Smooth cream balanced with chocolate and complex fruit, with just a touch of spice and citrus. Crafted from the major coffee growing regions, each element is roasted individually, then blended together after roasting.  This method allows each bean to showcase its unique qualities without sacrificing another’s.  Built for espresso, but great non-espresso brewed as well.


Rest: 8-10 Days
Dose: 18 grams
Temperature: 199.5 Fahrenheit
Yield: 26 grams over 26 seconds

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